Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kite strings of the Heart

Hello nothingness...

Ever miss kite flying? I know I do.

Yesterday, on a very sunny mid day I was commuting towards Colon Street and I happen to pass by near eMall and noticed a street kid busy trying to fly a makeshift kite. Just a humble kite on sticks, plastic wrapper for wings and some strings thrown in for good measure, you know, that same symmetrical pattern we made when we were innocent little kids having a good summer. I used to make one always, on summer and my kindly neighbor even bought me and a friend one off –the-shelf kind kites from the store, a real welcome upgrade to our childish whim those memorable days. I admire the kid I saw, he was really focused on making that little kite soar to the polluted city winds amidst the busy street, concrete slabs and entangled electricity post. Wish he had the experience I had with kite flying where me and the boys would have endless fun on rice fields, on uncluttered rural streets and on foot hills. Letting our kits makeshift kites soar into the air, birdlike and free. Pulling the strings and navigating it, connecting it to us below, making us soar into the heavens and feel the rush and gush of air beneath the kites wings. Making us fly and let our imaginations run free.

Summer is in the air. Even the bustling city streets I'm in is reeking of the summer feel. Seeing that boy made me want to be a kid again. To fly again.


My Holy Week Vacation

(overcast afternoon shot of a dismal Leyte coast on Black Saturday)

Hello nothingness...

I know this post is kinda delayed and yes, as usual, I got busy this past weeks with work and all. But I'm gonna post it anyway.

As holy weeks go, for some devout few, it is a time of self reflection and retrospecting all things Catholic and for the majority (in my own presumption, of course) it is a time for rest and relaxation, and I admit that I fall within the majority. Me and the family went to Leyte and spend holy week there. Just lazying around Good Friday and going to the nearby unassuming beach on Black Saturday and Easter Sunday. Just bonding with the family. That's the holiest I get these days.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

CEMP: Hellfest IV, 4/11-12/2008

Me and the boys will be participating hopefully, for the nth time, in the Hellfest IV gig this coming 4/11-12/2008. Our band will be playing in day 2 of the event.

Hellfest is a yearly gathering of Cebu Extreme Metal Productions stable line up of Visayas based extreme metal bands hailing from Cebu, Bohol and Negros Oriental. CEMP helps out bands here in promoting there music by organizing gigs and releasing/pressing there CDs and hopefully publish a fanzine of sorts. It’s a great boost in the metal music scene here.Check out the poster pic above for additional details and wishing every metal or non metalhead alike to join in on the musical fest of extreme metal proportions.

Last year's Hellfest was jam packed but we didn't get to play due to reasons stated on previous post here (the band had alot going last year with many play bills slated but weren't able to play on most of them due to terrible drum helm occupancy, as a matter of fact, our drum helm is still shaky as of today and hoping still that we will be ready this coming Hellfest IV, it just gets so frustrating at times, all the band can ever do is cross our fingers and wish will push thru). Hope to see you there...

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chummy's Beans version 2.0

Hello nothingness...

First and foremost...Hurray for Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao for yet another victorious battle in the canvass board. I have yet to watch the fight. Unfortunately, no cable.

Today I was busy tinkering with my blog design and I am somehow happy with the outcome. Got a new skin/theme template via Final Sense and yeah I really like the bullfrog (I'm not quite sure if its a bullfrog though, Im no biologist or something, but it sure does look like one) squatting over the larger upper part of this screen. Kinda cool and pleasant looking. Frogs are ok in my book. I've always wanted a pet bullfrog but I haven't found a pet shop thats selling them. I might as well be contented with having a picture of it squatting over me blog. By the way, I almost F@#$ up at uploading the new template and it took me about 6 or so attempts in uploading various templates from various sites. Some of them were really cool but a nasty one at being compatible with blogger and only this one's a keeper. I even accidentally deleted most my widgets so I have to reconstruct them, geez, with alot of research (aka google), I learned a thing or too in editing the source code template. Like the Previous Post widget at the left hand corner, you can't get this from default blogger templates, you have to click/copy/paste/delete some things here and there via the account settings. Well, nuff said. I hope blog hoppers and cyber passers-by would appreciate the overall new appearance of this here humble blog of futilities. Good day to one and all. Happy Blogging everyone!

CEMP:The Reckoning CD playlist on imeem

For inquiring minds only.

Someone over the net commented on my previous post about the above mentioned cd review that I could atleast upload the songs or make a link playlist on the songs I've mentioned there. Well, conviniently enough the CEMP organizer told me he already uploaded a playlist via iMeeM and I'm just pasting the embedded link here as an addendum to the previous post. Don’t hesitate to comment about the songs, it will be much appreciated.

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Pac u, pac me, pac everyone (hehhehe)

Good luck to the Pacman today, win or lose, you make every pure blooded Pinoy proud

Friday, March 14, 2008

NACPA Roadshow

Hello nothingness...

Today I attended the NACPA (sorry, I forgot and meaning, heheheh) Roadshow, an early walkathon which supposedly to start 6:00 a.m. but got delayed by a forgivable 30 minutes. I don’t mind waking up early, specially if it means a break from the usual work routine, it’s a breather.

The event was spearheaded by the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas and participated by the different agencies of our good old government. The marchers were segregated by t-shirt color schemes from yellow, blue, red and green and some in between. I wore blue during the whole parade thingee but the actual color of my group was green. I got my green tees late on to the parade so I changed clothing after we arrived at the Cebu Sports Center. Enough about that thank you.

Well, I really don’t have a say on the whole theme of the event but it really boils down to the governments continuing its fight against graft and corruption and to somehow solidify the publics trust on the government and the agencies under it which all coincides with the recent circus our government is into yet again for the nth time now in PGMAs term.

The event lasted for about half the day which started with the parade and then followed by speeches from different prominent officials and followed by cheers and confetti and ended with an intermission number from the Sinulog 2008 winning contingent after which the crowd dispersed in good cheer and some even cared to hopped to the different booths that were lined up at the oval of the complex which comprised of different agencies offering there services like the Dept. of Health catering to a free BP and medical check up and so on. All in all, it was cool to be part of it, even for a jaded me.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a little self Promotion here

Hello nothingness...

Relative to my on going quest, interest, whatever regarding digital photography and digital editing, a friend of mine and I decided to make a yahoo group site where we can possibly exchange views, critic photos and what nots and hopefully gain a little (?) insight on our ever growing hobby. Its my first try to make a Yahoo Group  (it wouldve been nifty and cool if Google has this feature, or am I living in a rock that I didnt know they have one) and I AM HUMBLY INVITING ALL BISAYA ENTHUSIAST, HOBBYIST and AMATEUR PHOTOGeeks out there to come and join the commotion and make the group fruitful.

And before I forget, click on the add link logo below, bottom right corner of this here blog.

And yes, I almost forgot,...its Mga Bisayang Maniniyot (in rough translation, "The Visayan Photographers") Yahoo Groups....pathetic?hope not...ehehheheheh....

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dread...a good friend of mine

GEZZZZZZ.....I really need to write something...not just something....something interesting....I've been doing this from almost a year now and I have in part fulfilled the overall theme of this here blog site (read the title and description of my profile on the right hand corner) which is my haphazard albeit confusing mix of thoughts on paper (cyber paper that is), my beans so to speak, spilled and all. But yet, I can’t seem to put out or blog out a thing or two for a weeks duration. It would have been good to have postings of about once a day to fill this blog and get it moving about. If I could get away with a terrible way overdue new years resolution, that would be it. Quantity over Quality (what quality?!) as they say. Rightly so! This feeling of dread that I can't post something is making itself felt lately. 

Saturday, March 1, 2008

my stab at Digital photo/editing 1

Hello nothingness...

From here on en, I'll be posting some of my attempts at digital photography and editing in this here blog. Last post I showcased some and decided to showcase some more, if all of u in cyberspace dont mind me doing so, anyways, this is my sight and a care too little if it were a sight for cyber sore eyes for some. Its just another bean to my many beans spilled here. hahahaha..(insert generic thriller audio FX here) besides, I dont have anything interesting to post. These things make good addition to this site..hmmmm

Ok, just a quick info on the composition above. I shot it with my humble digicam and its the volume knob of my bass guitar Stormbringer in macro focus and edited afterwards with a very subtle orton effect and slight lens flare filter in the middle. As usual, I cant really tell for sure if I got it right because, as I mentioned a couple of post back, I have yet to replace my aging defective and color impaired monitor.