Sunday, July 27, 2008

The La Parola

Hey, its been a while (yeah, what else is new!). Today we had an oppurtulity to do a little on site pre-nup photoshoot with me and my gurl here with the help of the expertise of iStudio Photo Services (all the way from Valencia, Bukidnon). Don't get me wrong here but I'm not the dramatic romantic dweeb effect kinda guy with me having a metal band and all and donning black shirts all the time and mostly favor the darker side of life (heheheh), I did this at my partners persistent request and much to my amazement, I yielded to her whims. Actually, just between you and me, its always 99% of the time, shhhhhhh. What the hey, its always a first time for anything, right?!. We did it hastily at La Parola, Liloan, Cebu based on a friends suggestion to do it there because of the unique view plus I like lighthouses. It was all in all a first hand experience doing all the drama of doing a little photoshoot. Here's a quick pick of the La Parola and by the way, it is taken from my meager point and shoot camera that I happen to have at the moment and not the expensive and elaborate ones' that the iStudio team was using during the event. Mebe I'll post the ones' they did when I get hold of the file copy. Soon enuf.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Watchmen is Coming

I am also excited when a movie adaptation of a comicbook series or character comes along like them Batman, Xmen, Spiderman and Hulk franchises and some one shots like 300 and V for Vendeta or the Crow even. And from watching this Watchmen trailer awhile ago it gave me goosebumps all over. Wow, so true to the comic book and so cool was it even this early on I can say that it will be a winner. Im looking forward to it, although its still on 2009, good things come to those who wait, as they say. A classic just like its original comicbook version. Hope so. Watch it and tell me what you think. If anyone one wants an ebook version of the comicbook to go read and enjoy, I can gladly pinpoint you with the appropriate download links (is this legal?!!). Hehehe...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Im Hacking Again...

Thats right, Im up to no good again. I was bored, pretty bored to the extent that I wanted to buy another Motorola to hack and modify but the voice of reason, i.e. my fiance, reminded me that I have obligations of a more pressing matter to do and that buying another phone would capsized my already meager savings. As for the one's who read my previous post, the fate of my still bricked (dead)  Motorola L7i was still bleak and am still hoping to revive it someday when I have thorough knowledge on how and the financial capabilities to do so. I was guilty of hacking and modding it to death and the repercussions are still felt. But yes I was bored, and then their's my still soft modded P1i which was still under a warranty and still has 4 months to go till it expires which made me apprehensive to hack and mod its file system and which eventually, I did a hack what I have always wanted to do since I bought the phone and reading from SE-NSE and IPMart Forums (their forums for the hacking mobile community, specially to Sony Ericsson Users) and Sony Ericsson blogs here and there. So far, I have only done some soft modding to it, like changing the CDA to Generic World 1 so that I can make the SEUS Update my phone to the latest software or do some themes or changing the font of the phone or installing new applications, small stuff actually. And only recently, I had the courage to succesfully port the Walkman v3 player which is only available in Sony Ericsson Walkman Phones lineup which my P1i is not a part of. Its really a cool application to have. Makes me wanna ditch my Ipod. heheh. Ive also ported updated versions of QuickOffice and PDF+ and the Torch application which is originally from the newer Sony Ericsson G900 and did change some of the Menu Icons . All in all, my interest is reinvigorated. If someone is interested on how I did these things (thanks to supermodder SWMail and other active modders in the UIQ community for sharing the files and the know hows) just email me and I'll provide you with the links. I'm a UIQ3 and Motorola hacking fanboy, I can't help it. hmmmm.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Article: Blood Mutants

Just want to share the link to this very informative blogpost by Sunstar Columnist Insoymada, one of my favorite columnist, click here and read the article and help spread the er, uhmm, love?!.