Sunday, August 31, 2008

Single Blessedness Countdown

Hey, been awhile. Right. Usual suspects. I've been pretty closed mouth on me getting hitched 21 days from now. Mixed feelings all over. One moment, excited, then dread and the things in between. Me and my to be partner for life did all the preparations almost single handedly. From the documentations, seminars, venue bookings, give aways and invitations, we did it all from the ground up and all of these things will culminate not from where we are residing now but from my GF's hometown as tradition dictates. Its quite a learning experience and rewarding, I guess. But it stressed the hell out of the both of us and the clock ticks louder by the day and as stated, 21 days from today the chapter (kinda like chapter 1) of our single lives will end and another chapter (kinda like chapter 2 as we will be treading life together) would begin anew from the glorious (tormenting, I hope not) ashes, metaphorically. I don't know what I am muttering about anyways. Well, I formally let the countdown begin tomorrow and geez, I even am losing sleep over things nowadays. Stress, my dear old friend, frequents me. As they say, nothing goes according to plan, but hope that everything would somehow come out right. I'll keep my fingers cross.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally Home

Finally, just got my copy via mail of the Watchmen graphic novel along with Batman: The Long Halloween from Comic Odyssey-Robinsons. It surely made my day. Can't wait to really read come this weekend.

Its been a long wait, for the Watchmen that is, I ordered one from KitchenSink Press (stateside) way back 2001 with some other stuff from Wally Wood that I never got hold off even if I already paid for it with the help of a friend's credit card which I saw the billing statement and all and I even emailed them about the status of my order and said that it was already been shipped to the Philippines. After reading stuff on the net and on some magazines about all the hype that this book took, I was pretty interested by it years before and really took the time to order one. Yup, I even downloaded a copy of it digitally together with some other comics but nothing really beats the real thing, paper, color, print and all. Nothing like having the real stuff to hold and feel. Its special, its part of your collection. Its hard earned s@#$ and not some digitized version of it thats just good for a back up file.

Days went by and gradually evolved to weeks and then to years and no sign of the package ever coming home to me. I was really pissed off by the local Postal Office then and I have little or no trust to them now. The guy I spoke with then said that my package maybe stacked somewhere with a ton of others awaiting for some government honcho ready to inspect them all and I don't know why won't they just deliver the damn things to the recipients in the first place and let them stack up and rot waiting for some honcho to sign up the release form, geeeez. Now I know better, I think. It never occured to me back then to just order it from some comic book specialty store like Comic Odyssey. Well, its been almost 7 years and finally I got one just in time before the movie comes out next year. Oh, happy, happy, happy.Joy, joy, joy.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Attacked by the Dreaded Bugs

Im really pissed off this past week because of one recurring house problem: BUG INFESTATION!!!. 

I really thought we already rid of ourselves of these pest months before. Kissing Bugs or Assassin Bugs are a pain in the butt or pain in any part of the body for that matter. I don't know where they come from, they just attacked my sister's bedroom. She got an allergic reaction to its bite like swelling on the affected part to a point that she can't even move her arm. At first we thought it was just cockroach bites but we found this weird looking creature under her bed which I whacked with my slippers on instinct and then came splat!! Blood and guts of the thing spread out on the floor and I realized that it wasn't its blood but blood meal. F@#$ gross. I googled any info I could get about these critters and found out that they were the one's responsible for my sisters' agony and we immediately made sure to track and kill every last one we could find by insecticide and death by slipper whack. That was before and now they've comeback somehow and from who knows what origin and the funny thing is that my sister is long gone to some foreign land and her bedroom is empty and you know what, the f@#$ decided to infest my measly bedroom now. The moment I began to have welts and bite marks, dread finally caught up with me and only one critter responsible came up to my mind, the freaking Assassin Bugs are back with a vengeance. Paranoid that I was, I immediately checked under my bed and what do you know, the f@##s were there hiding, bloated and hiding for crying out loud! Caught and killed seven! geeez, seven of them in less than a damn week. Everytime I sleep I get paranoid that somehow I know that they are waiting patiently in cracks and crevices awaiting my deep slumber for them to attack and suck the life outta me! From what I have googled, they are a deadly pest to some parts of the Americas and carry deadly diseases. So far, nothing came up on articles about them in the Philippines though. Maybe one of you has a damn solution about this and help me get rid of them shits altogether. I periodically check under the bed now and shit.  

Friday, August 1, 2008

MySpace Music

Wow, how cool is that?! I've decided and finally accepted the potentials of MySpace for my band. Almost all of my friends who happen to have bands have a MySpace Music accounts and so I was tempted to give it a view and all I can say is that its way cooler than Friendster (I rarely visit my Friendster accounts, sometimes its just out of habit to check it once or twice in a week) and its really tailored for the bands be it international, local, indie, unreleased or bigwig metalgods. I have had a MySpace account before, way back before Friendster but got bored with it. Now I'm viewing it with renewed interest. Hope I can update it from time to time though if theres band related events and such, aside from updating this blog and my Multiply, geez, I think I've got my hands full now. A place where bands can really connect and stuff.  You can even download our song from there. RakenRol!!! I've updated this blogs sidebar so you can click and have a visit there if you'd like or just click here.