Monday, July 30, 2007

JRR Tolkien's "The Children of Hurin"

Finally, after two weeks of anticipation I have here with me a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s post humous work “The Children of Hurin” edited by his son Chritopher Tolkien. I can’t wait to read it from leaf one to the end. Bought it at Powerbooks Manila via my friend who happens to be vacationing there at that time whilst me, here in Cebu eagerly awaiting her impending return. I’ve been a Tolkien fan (his works are far more grandiose than them Potters and its ilk, to my opinion)since I was in college ever when I borrowed from our graduate library section the original hardbound 1960’s pressed copy of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Silmarillion, thank heavens for my school for having a copy of them and I’ve been hooked with his works ever since. Nothing beats him when it comes to the fantastic. Nuff said. But first I have to finish the other pending titles that I’ve bought…hahahaha…time is always a friend of mine when it comes to reading books. Worry shall I not…or maybe I should.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Spring Cleaning of sorts

Recently, due to my girlfriend’s incessant bullying, I have made an effort to clean up my closet, though partially, it turned out to be a good thing. Interestingly enough the experience brought back old memories and feelings propelled by things old and dear to me. Items worth saving of sort led me to house them to boxes that I knotted and stacked nicely for future references. Things like my amateurish sketchbooks and loose drawings of made up superhero concepts. The occasional goofy doodles of cartoon characters and settings from a time when I had the penchant for doing it. I have rummaged through my old pictures, sadly a couple or so left of them and my hastily scribbled poems and notes. Reading it was like reliving the feelings felt at that time when I was engulfed in jotting down those raw emotions oozing out on paper to be organized somehow by words on phrases on lines on stanzas. Other items I rediscovered were an outdated address book, which started me to update my phonebook and Outlook contacts (80% and counting as of to date), and my once indispensable collection of science fiction and fantasy books , half of which are awaiting the garbage disposal unit in our area, the other half are now part of the stack of boxes and the now obsolete music audio tapes, staggeringly replaced by the audio CD (burned or otherwise) and my collection of american comic books which I’ll relatively be tackling on my next post.

All of these things were acquired through my hard earned savings during my high school and college days. I can always readily call it my treasures and like all treasures to some extent, it made me feel rich deep inside. I could almost hear Martha Stewart saying it to me…spring cleaning is always a good thing.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Part I : A Collection of Marvel Comics 1st

hello nothingness....

as from my previous post about me cleaning up my closet..well, i rediscovered my old collection of comicbook titles and i just wana quick share my penchant for first issues (it was terribly expensive collecting comics, even today so i quit a couple of years back and focused more in collecting burned audio CDs which is a much cheaper hobby). All photos were taken via my newly purchased digicam so the shots are pretty lame, cant blame us beginners...nuff said...

Above is a Daredevil remake with Frank Miller on board, its like a Batman Year One to Marvel...
Heres a First Issue of the Ghost Rider, reborn bad ass a far cry from the original western cowboy ghostrider from the 70's (not sure about the date hmmmm)...

Here's a debut issue of the Hulk, I think it was at this period that Marvel decided to revamp its famous golden age heroes ( no expert in comicdom...just a hunch..i never bought Wizard)
Another first from Marvel...Mutant X was, i think, a cooler regrouping of sorts, Iceman has a cool ice goatee, cant beat that...
This is the first of six issues of Earth X, Marvels take on an alternate future where all beings have superpowers, i don't have the complete series, whatever happened to the story?...hmmmm.

Well, I think thats about it with my Marvel collections, by the way, all of them are not in any way in mint condition, so i think i can never get a good bid going, but if anyones interested mebe we can do good business together (wink!wink!), email me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cellphone Freak

I'm a certified cellphone gadget freak, amen and period.

I change my cellphone on average of 3 times within a year and this is my 7th year of tasting the fruits of mobility such as calling, surfing, texting SMS, MMS, EMS and using GPRS, 3G and other benefits such as having an organizer in your phone and also multimedia capabilities. I even try to mod my cellphones to the point where at times I have to resort to take it to the repair shop to resuscitate it back to life due to my constant software modifications here and there. A CELLPHONE is such an essential thing to have these days, one can’t help image a world without it, and lest I forget that I am living in the texting capital of the world where we single handedly promoted it to other countries to follow suit.

I can't help it, if there ever was a Cellphones Anonymous I'd be part of it and it's not easy being one, specially if you're living in a third world country and have a meager job and a drone ant’s life where financial priorities are opted to the basics: being food, mobility (commuting to and fro to work and home via the ever reliable PUJs) clothing and shelter. Owning gadgets such as the latest mobile fone or a full fledged library of an MP3 player or even a workable PC or to an extent a laptop would usually end up saving for it and wait for the price of which to drop at an alarming rate or to wait for it in vain in the hopes that your wishlist of a gadget just drop from your lap by grace or chance from the heavens or from generous benefactors which would be next to none. Having the urge to google over and want a cellphone every 2 months or so is nerve wrecking, to have to have a glimpse on the what’s new in the cellphone releases here every now and then and drooling over it in the malls when it is already available for purchase is next to hell on earth, one can really daydream of some evil scheme to acquire it and it is a feat in itself to hold the moment of buying a new cellphone or to trade it for a new one via your friendly neighborhood cellshoppe stalls of refurbished, second hand and the occasional brand new units (imported from some nearby country without the local BIR, Customs or NTC’s knowledge) popping up like mushrooms here and there. And when the urge is satiated and the phone of your dreams are now at your behest only to find out after a couple of weeks or a month or two that that cellphone has all the same basic functionalities as your previous ones, that it can make a call, text SMS and send stupid MMS or have useless 3G, all packaged somewhat slightyly different from your old ones and call it new and improved and you can’t help feeling bored and demystified by your newly purchased unit and then again the feeling sets in, the urge for something new to suite ones fancy and the cycle comes to anew.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Updated Blogsite part 1

Hello true believers! (copyright Stan Lee) I have just recently made this blogsite and a million salutations go to the good people at Google and Blogger for having all these free hostings. If anyone of you noticed I have redesigned the lay out of this site and I do hope it is more legible and pleasing to the eye. I have updated my profile so please do check it out from the link above and also to add audio to all these visuals I have linked below from eSnips a media play bar featuring one of my favorite songs “People Ain’t No Good” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, if you wanna hear the song just click the play button (not that you don’t already know, just a friendly reminder..hehehhe..). And one last thing that I’ve put here, in case you haven’t noticed by now is that I’ve posted a picture banner of sorts, a panoramic view of the bay side beach sunset (I adore sunrise and sunsets, by the way) somewhere here in beautiful Cebu and don’t mind the two individuals flanking right-wise, it’s just me and Yvonne in candid nonsense pose, she is by the way my partner in crime in everything. I’ll be posting some of my mind works here soon (artwork, poetry and stuff that would spark my interest) when I have the time and luxury to do so, so keep posted and take interest to whatever updates I’d be blogging here (and yes, for all of you wondering, I do have a social life of sorts). Kudos to you all and happy surfing.

Monday, July 23, 2007

COMATOSE 2nd E.P. launching at the ZZUBU Rock Bar, 7/4/2007

Well, time and again, for those who don't know me (and i'm sure alot of you folks don't know a rat's-ass who I am to begin with, I'm just a gum in your shoe) I'm from Cebu City, Philippines
and as a part of my living testament and to add color to my very uneventful life I have been part
of extreme metal music scene in Cebu for ages now (to be more precise, circa 1994 of the 2nd
wave of death metal music in Cebu) involved with such obscure bands during my
High School days in Southwestern University, bands such as Clairvoyance, Necromanger and to more mature efforts (in our own sense) such as forming and disbanding and of late
resurrecting AGNAS and from a slew of revolving line-up bands such as Militia, Rabid Dogs,
the Hard-Ons and Unleaded which in more ways than one took part of the ever flowing metal scene at that time.

Lately, I had the oppurtunity to resurrect my former deathmetal band AGNAS and
since last October 2005 and as of to date we (Me, Chuck, Jerry and Kenny) are still banging
our heads to the music that we love to play and we randomly take part of local gigs within
the city (4th gig to be exact) which brings me to the introduction to the paragraph below an infomercial of sorts and in true deathmetal fashion ... read or die!!!

Support the Local Cebu Metal Music Scene..this August 4, 2007 @ ZZUBU Rock Bar
(Comatose "Plague Bearer" demo launch)

ZZUBU ROCKBAR(corner Mabini St.,Colon,
Cebu City)
TIX php60.00 W/ 1 FREE BEER


The plague has arrived for all the
death metal maniacs out there! This is
Comatose second demo release since
2004 "Pure Evil and Blasphemy". With 5
tracks contain in it, "Plague Bearer"
is the band's most angry and
aggressive release that will surely
crush your skull!!

A launch party for the CD will take
place at Zzubu Rockbar(corner Mabini
st., Colon, Cebu city) on August 4,
2007 at around 8pm. Joining them in
support to help launch the demo will
special guest band from Dumaguete,
DEATH BY BOREDOM. And to make it even
more special, Comatose will be giving
a FREE limited copies of their killer
CD to those who will come early!

So everyone mark your calendars, save
your money and get ready for THE AGE

Let's hope to see everyone there.
Please spread the word to all your
friends, relatives, enemies, pets etc
etc and let's have a kickass time!!!
Thanks for all the support! \m/\m/

"Extreme Music For Extreme People"

in the beginning it started with a single post...and all was good with the world...

hey there people, its my first time creating a blogsite and hope things will get interesting in the future post to come, ill be posting the usual blog rants, my mind works and the happenings of my futile existence and anybody interested just post ur comments and such (cold hard cash is terribly accepted, i don't mind..hahahah) the way, im asian (filipino to be exact and cebuano to be specific) and i live by the 3rd world order...