Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sadly...I have been neglecting this blog for quite some time now and it doesn't mean that I have nothing to post also. It has been a year since I kept this blog and much have I learned about blogging. In fact, I've been active mostly now on my work-in-progress art journal The Pencil Pushing Area which I feel more inclined to update because as of the moment I'm into my drawing itch again and it has been almost like 10 years since I was crazy about drawing/sketching comic book characters and the like and I'm riding on to it for now. As far as I can assess, I'm not really good at posting interesting topics and as much as I wanted to say what's on my mind (and I've got a lot of interesting things running round me head) I just can't organize and put them thoughts on digital paper and make this blog more interesting with interesting post. But all in all, I am not closing this blog, mind you. More of a sabbatical and maybe, just maybe I'd find the spark or spank that I need to get these gears going. So, that's it people, if anyone's interested still, look for me on the left hand sidebar and have a click at it. Maybe I updated some things elsewhere...I'll be back!

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